Blood Glucose Sensor and Insulin Patch Pump Fixations For Adults

Kaio-Dia's adult-focused collection enhances CGM & Insulin Patch Pump fixation with Dia-Band, Dia-Style, and Dia-Waistband. These accessories are tailored to secure and protect your devices with unparalleled comfort. The Dia-Band is crafted for arm wear, ensuring your CGM or insulin patch pump stays put during daily activities. Dia-Style is the go-to for active adults, providing an adjustable fit that adapts to your lifestyle. For those who prefer wearing their devices on the belly, Dia-Waistband offers a comfortable and secure solution. Compatible with major brands, Kaio-Dia's collection prioritizes practicality without compromising on style, making diabetes management efficient and discreet for adults.

Dia-Band, blodsockersensor och insulinplåster för armbanden

Universellt skydd för nästan alla blodsockersensorer och insulinplåster på marknaden som bärs på armen.

Dia-Waistband, det optimala midjebandet för att skydda din glukossensor eller insulinpump när den bärs på magen.

Bekvämt och stretchigt midjeband för att skydda din enhet på midjan. Särskild spetskollektion finns tillgänglig.

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