Blood Glucose Sensor and Insulin Patch Pump Fixations For Children

Kaio-Dia introduces a vibrant collection tailored for children, enhancing CGM & Insulin Patch Pump fixation with fun and secure accessories. The Dia-Band, specifically designed for smaller arms, ensures that your child's CGM or insulin patch pump stays securely in place during playtime and rest. The Dia-Style, perfect for energetic kids, offers an adjustable and comfortable fit that grows with them. For those who prefer their devices on the belly, the Dia-Waistband provides a snug and worry-free solution. Compatible with leading brands, Kaio-Dia's kid-friendly accessories combine functionality with playful designs, making diabetes management less daunting and more engaging for young ones.

Dia-Band, blodsockersensor och insulinplåster för armbanden förbarn

Universellt skydd för nästan alla CGM- och insulinpumpsplåster på marknaden som bärs på armen

Dia-Style, det justerbara armbandet för aktiva diabetikerbarn

Finns för Freestyle Libre 2 och 3 samt Dexcom G6 och G7 sensorer.

Dia-Waistband, the optimal waistband to protect your kid CGM or insulin patch pump

Comfortable and stretch band to protect your kid device

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